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Melissa Tilghman Read more about Melissa Tilghman

Mellisa is a sex expert and an advisor of BDSM. She can give you suggestions in this sex segment which will drive you and your partner crazy about trying out exciting sex play activities with the help of different sex toys. Her main intention is to make you discover a cloud of new sensual possibilities.

Gloria And Peter Campbell Read more about Gloria And Peter Campbell

Here comes a couple who is capable of teaching you the benefits of practicing a lot of toys and Swinging process for your sexual activity. Gloria and Peter are open for new experiments, they are ready to share their knowledge in order to make people happy in their sexual life.

Mildred Jackson Read more about Mildred Jackson

Meet this sexologist who can help you to regain your confidence in conducting sexual intercourse. Mildred has years of experience in analyzing sexual disorders and is ready to give any advice regarding sexual concerns. Further, she can provide you with proper orientation regarding human sexuality that is beneficial even for an inexperienced person.

Timothy Heckel Read more about Timothy Heckel

Timothy is a sex geek who prefers men. He takes much pride in deeply understanding the facts about healthy sex practices. Also, he is open enough to share his learnings with you in the most effective manner, regardless of which sex you belong to. His contribution can surely help and drive you to extreme pleasure.